ABWAB Logistics

Storage Services

• Abwab for customs clearance and freight services company has a large number of warehouses and warehouses around Saudi Arabia's ports and airports, and the Arabian Gulf States. .
• The company's warehouses are characterized by continuous development and use of non-flammable materials in its construction, and periodic maintenance of warehouses. .
• Stores equipped with the best and largest refrigerators to conserve foodstuffs, perishable substances, chemicals and medicine, and precious purposes such as jewelry.

• The presence of a large group of skilled and professional workers in the work of driving cranes, loading tractors, handling and organizing. .
• A secure electricity network with a wide range of generators, lighting and ventilation equipment. .
• Safety systems, the best types of cameras, surveillance devices, early warning devices against fire and extinguishing tools. .
• The ability to find quick solutions, in the event of a defect or malfunction. .
• The presence of a group of distinguished stores and warehouses in the Jordanian port of Aqaba.


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