ABWAB Logistics

Logistics Services


• Customs clearance Inbound and outbound by sea, air and ground" of various kinds.
• Door-to-door service.
• Quality audit and cargo review
• Merchandise insurance service.
• Provision of import card and register of exporters to customers.
• Import and export for others.

The company is characterized by:

• Helping customers to submit and extract all documents, permits and certificates related to goods.
• Helping customers to choose the best places to import goods.
• Assistance in all export-related work, such as: "packaging and preservation of materials, loading and inland transportation to airports and ports."
• Possessing a team of experts specialized in the field of customs business.
• The presence of a large group of engineers and workers distinguished in the work of packaging, packaging and loading goods with containers.
• Possessing distinguished relationships with the largest airlines.
• A large fleet of trucks, trailers, car carriers, transport containers equipped with the latest dry and cooled transport technology, open-top containers, collapsible containers, containers for overloads, and containers for transporting machinery, projects and heavy equipment.


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