ABWAB Logistics

Land Freight

• Ownership of one of the largest multi-purpose road transport fleets in the Middle East.
• Owning a large group of heavy transport vehicles, semi trucks and quarter trucks, in addition to heavy machinery and equipment carriers.
• Owning a large collection of the latest and largest indoor, covered and open car carriers.
• Provision of dry and refrigerated transport service, under high control, to maintain the quality of the materials transported.
• Existence of a distinguished team of workers specializing in packaging, packaging and handling

• A team specializing in the packaging of military materials and cargo of a particularly important nature.
• Existence of a port floor and pavement service for receiving goods.
• Transport of overweight shipments, sensitive cargoes and heavy construction equipment such as cranes, pumps and excavators.
• Transport and customs clearance of petroleum shipments as soon as possible.
• Shipment of containers from Saudi Arabian neighbor’s.
• Provision of tracking functionality, to enable clients to follow up their shipments through continuous communication with support teams.


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