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Customs Work

A cargo and customs clearance services company provides a range of distinctive services

Customs work phases

  1. Collecting and preparing the required import and export documents and submitting them to the Saudi customs authorities in the form of a customs declaration.
  2. Completion of customs clearance as soon as goods arrive and unload them on port docks  if imported, and include the following steps:
  • Clearance of the authorization of delivery by the customs broker through the shipping agent.
  • Submission of a customs declaration model that includes invoices for goods, followed by the movement of experts to detect and price the goods.
  • Exit the shipment.
  • Shipment of a sample of the shipment to the competent supply authority, as requested by the customs authorities.
  • Payment of the customs tax on the goods shipped in full, in addition to supply charges, if any, to the competent authorities.
  • Exit the shipment after detection.
  • Transportation of goods to places of sale or storage.
  • A number of actions, if exported, include:
    • Assistance in packing, packaging and ground transportation to ports in the case of (sea shipment) and airports in the case of air cargo.
    • Preparation and submission of cargo documents to Saudi customs authorities.

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