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Air Freight

Air freight services are

one of the most important services provided by a doors' freight and customs clearance service company. These include: customs clearance, transport, storage, packaging, loading, permit work, delivery of packages, receipt in the consignee country and delivery to the consignee.

The most important features:

• Existence of a wide range of experts for customs clearance and air logistics.
• A working group capable of freeing all transactions, shipments and transiting goods as soon as possible, drawing on experience and public relations.
• Choice the best airlines and the fastest flights.
• Provision of daily scheduled flights.
• Rapid transportation service to and from the airport.
• A team of experts and specialists in the preparation and extraction of all types of documents, permits and documents for the clearance of all types of shipments.
• A large group of workers trained to sorting goods and identifying perishable purposes, carrying out packaging and packaging of goods in containers, and assisting in loading and handling work within the aircraft, with the best packaging, packaging and loading equipment.
• Ownership of a wide range of refrigerated freight containers of various types to transport shipments and foodstuffs with a lifespan of three days.
• The company assists its clients in following up their shipments through constant contact with the support team.
• Assistance in the management of export and import operations.
• The company is characterized by its large offers and special reductions.
• The company also has three-day trips a week through Saudi National Airways to all American cities.
• The company has specialization in shipping all military shipments internally and externally to the armies of friendly countries of the Saudi Arabian king.


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